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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Keith Coogan Alamo Draft House 9/8/15

My fellow hound, Gambit clued me into this. We went together and visited the table that Keith Coogan and his wife had set up in the lobby of the theater.  Both were very friendly and very about the experience. They were a lot of fun to meet.

First, they had lots of neat stuff you could get signed: Shirts, DVDs, photos, plates, and art.

Next they gave everyone a little ‘toy’. I got a bright green flick bug.  A bit of thumb nail sized plastic that you pressed down to make jump. Perfect for cats to chew, eat, and then regurgitate.

Lastly, after getting our autographs, Keith dragged you over to the wall where he has a huge ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ banner hung up sideways.  He picks up the rope and then instructs you to get right behind him and then hunch over.  You pose that way as the wife takes a photo. Viola! You have recreated the iconic scene from the movie.

It was much more than getting an autograph. It was meeting cool people, revisiting a fun movie, and recreating memories.


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