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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Nerdist himself – Chris Hardwick – Majestic 9/1/15

From my many adventures at SDCC, I have seen Chris Hardwick a few times; either walking around or at a booth.  He even stopped and posed for a ‘drive by’ photo for me. I have just never gotten his autograph.

This time he was on my turf.  Well, not really my turf. I don’t have any turf. I’m a nerd. Nerd’s don’t have turf. Nerds have collectible action figures.  Let me rephrase: This time Chris Hardwick was in Dallas.  Where the nerd concentration was notably lower than SDCC and that would increase the probability of getting his autograph.

Four of waited before the show, hoping to make it a quick night. However, the roadie for the show asked us to come back after the show. We’re nerds. We left and ate. Then we returned a while later.  They even put up barricades to keep us from rushing Chris.

As he show ended, some of the crowd attending made their way back to the stage door.  We were joined by 30 other fans. The barricades actually made sense.
When Chris Hardwick exited the building, he surveyed the crowd. He mentioned he’d greet and talk to everyone. He assured us there was no reason to worry.  Very nice to hear that. He had it under control.
Then he walked past the barricades and entered the crowd. He posed and chatted. He signed and laughed.
Since he tweeted about Buc-ees earlier in the day, I asked how he enjoyed the pit stop icon between Dallas and Houston.  He said he had to stop there to show it off to his friends as they drove up. He’d been there before and was impressed. He also had to expose the others to Buc-ee Nuggets which he had a hard time explaining.
He signed my photo and then moved on to others. He circulated through the crowd without a hurrying.  Very refreshing to see.

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