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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Anna Silk Dallas ComicCon Fan Days 10/2015

I think Dallas ComicCon did great in getting Anna Silk to attend. She has not done very many shows and none that I know of it in the USA.

Her line was slow. I got in line while she was doing photo ops but once she returned sand starting signing, the line moved just as fast. (Hyperbole.) Anna took a lot of time with each fan. It seemed her fans didn’t know how to end when their conversations were over. While you see some people not know when they are dismissed, her fans were denser than average and just soldiered onward.  A lot of her fans had 5 minute inactions with her. I spent close to 2 hours in a ‘short’ line.
Am I calling the kettle black? Maybe. I love having interaction with the celebs.  I also know when people are waiting and I move along fairly quickly.  
Anna was extremely friendly and open with her fans. She posed with people for selfies and had a constant smile on her face.  That smile never faded as the next guess walked up.
My interaction was brief and perfunctory.  The night was getting late and I still had some work to before I left.