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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lucy Lawless Dallas ComicCon Fan Day 2015

I will say upfront, I am not a big Xena fan. I watched it because I enjoyed Hercules and the there was a lot of cross over stories and characters between the two series. At times you needed to watch both shows to follow the plot lines.   However, Lucy Lawless has a long resume and appeared in a lot of other TV series I have watched over the years.

Her line was long. I expected that.  I was prepared. Lucy was aware of the length of the line. She expected that.  She was prepared. Over the years, she learned how to chat and sign and give a moment for people to say a few things and still keep the line moving. As I watched, she never seemed to rush people off and everyone seemed to get a chance to say something.  All the while the line moved. I waited a long time but it could have been a lot longer. I appreciate that.

When I finally stepped up to her, we just exchanged a few words. I told her I really enjoyed one particular movie she was in.  She mentioned it was fun but with the sly smile she added she was in it because the people that asked her to do it were very good friends and you couldn’t say no to good friends.

I left so the line could continue to progress.


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