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Friday, March 11, 2016

David Mazouz Dallas ComicCon Fan Days 2016

At times, I see the sickness in me and I say: What am I doing?

Other times, I see the sickness and say: But of course you need this autograph!

I have already admitted I never watched Gotham. I have also admitted I have picked up a lot of autographs from this show.

David Mazouz attended Dallas ComicCon.  He’s young.  He was friendly. I intimidated him.

I walked up and smiled and said: Staying out of trouble?

His head jerked back. He straightened his shoulders.  He replied: Yes, Sir.

Me: Are you enjoying Dallas?

David: Yes, I’m having a great time.

I felt like a school teacher and he was student.  I was smiling but I think he was taking me too seriously. He’s 15. What does he know of silly sarcastic old men? 

I saw that I put him on his heels. I made a few more attempt to ease the situation. It wasn’t going to happen. I took my photo with the cool bat he drew on it and thanked him.


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