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Monday, March 7, 2016

Rangers Caravan Dr Pepper Ballpark 2016

Tom Wilhelmsen
Jeff Bannister
I’m sure most ball teams do a barnstorming publicity blitz just before Spring Training. The team sends a few players to local towns to make appearances.  The players sign a few autographs and generate interest in the upcoming season.  After a long hard 3 months without any worthwhile sports to watch, fans get excited.  The team is able to convert that interest into season tickets sales.
Steve Buechele
For a rather lazy baseball fan like me, this is a great way to gather some autographs.  It’s even better when the Texas Rangers send 7 people to the Dr Pepper Park in Frisco.  Frisco is my home town.  I can drive to the event in 5 minutes. 
Robinson Chirinos
The crowds were light this year.  I got to the event too early but decided to hang out in my car and relax for almost an hour.   The weather was great. Being January, you never know what the weather will be like.  We were queued in the sun and the wind was mild.  It was a good morning.
Sam Freeman
Once the event started things were smooth.  They had three signing stations. Over the next 90 minutes or so I worked my way through the 3 stations and picked up 7 signatures.
Tom Wilhelmsen commented on my UofA shirt. I found out he comes from Tucson.
Alex 'Chi Chi' Gonzalez
When I commented on Jeff Bannisters’ MLB batting average, he gave a wry smirk. He has a 1.000 batting average. Something to be proud of, even it’s a dubious stat. He only has 1 plate appearance but he made something out of that; more than I’ll ever do.
Keone Kela
The other signers were:
Robinson Chirinos
Alex ‘Chi Chi’ Gonzalez
Sam Freeman
Keone Kela
I nice haul of autographs.

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