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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bruce Greenwood Dallas Fan Days 2016

The first signature I picked up at Dallas Fan Days was Capt Pike’s.  How can I pass up an opportunity for an autograph from one of the captains the Enterprise?

The line wasn’t long and I got a chance to say hello to Bruce Greenwood fairly quick.  I’ve enjoyed him in a few things but I only had Star Trek on the brain. To be truthful, the ‘character’ of Pike and his importance in the Star Trek universe, fanboy-ed me and I really didn’t say much. I mumbled how cool it was to meet ‘Pike’.  Yeah, I’m sure my parents felt that college money was well spent. He was nice. He knew I was not in communication mode. With a knowing smile, he shook my hand and handed me the signed photo. I left with a barely controlled grin.


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