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Friday, April 22, 2016

Austin and Tovah - mother and son Walker Stalker 2016

I got into Tovah Feldshuh line first. She was just finishing up with a mom and little daughter.  Tovah was asking the little one a few questions.  My first question would be to the mom: why was she letting her 8 year old watch Walking Dead.  Maybe the kid was a midget and really 21 years old.

When I selected the photo any trace of a smile left Tovah’s face. It’s not a glamourous phot.  She signed. In an attempt to placate her, I mentioned it was a very powerful scene.  It had closure for her son and the audience. He nodded and admitted it was powerful.

I left.  As a total aside, the wife was watching and Love Boat was on.  After teasing her about watching Love Boat reruns, I sat down and started watching with her. Silly huh?  After a minute I said I know that actor.  The wife looked at her.  This was an episode from 1977; 39 years ago. After a moment the wife gave up. I said the Mayor of Alexandria.  In disbelief, the wife called up IMDB and found out I was right. It seems Tovah did 2 episodes of Love Boat.

Austin Nichols was next on my list. It went quick. He signed, I thanked him and I left.


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