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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Denis O’Hare Walker Stalker 2016

You have seen Denis O’Hare in movies and TV for years.  For me he stands out most in the series True Blood. He played a strong villain in the show.   Then he showed up in American Horror Story. With American Horror Story, every season is a new character. 

When I got to stand in front of him I stumbled through some thoughts.   I mentioned how I thought his True Blood character was iconic.  Then in the American Horror Story, he got to play another iconic character with the Liz Taylor role. 

He paused and thanked me.  He said he really felt lucky to have those 2 characters associated with him. It was great to have one character come to mind but he loved that American Horror Story provided him with the second opportunity. He personally liked his role of Liz and was thrilled to hear the feedback.

When I chose the photo from the table, he told me it was his favorite. A friend shot the photo and the photo shoot was such a memorable day. I turned and noticed a line behind me.  We had taken longer than was fair.  I apologized but he said he wasn’t in a rush.

It was a good encounter. The Irish Gallic he added to the signature was a nice touch.


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