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Monday, April 11, 2016

Dallas Keuchel and Billy Wagner TriStar Houston 2016

The trip to the Houston TriStar show was rounded out by picking up Billy Wagner and Dallas Keuchel.

Both were pleasant and the fans were excited to see them.  Both being home town heroes, they drew large lines.

I was just looking forward to the 4 ½ hour drive home.  Although, these trips are so much easier now that the speed limit is 70 MPH most of the way, these surgical strike trips to Houston (driving down in the morning and driving back in the afternoon) get old over the years. 20 years ago, the max speed was 55 and the trip was easily 6 hours.

Please don’t do the math on ‘miles’ x ‘posted speed limited’ = ‘duration of trip’.  The math doesn’t work.  Let’s just say, at times, the car suffers a mechanical issue and exceeds the speed limit. 


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