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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Danny Glover Dallas Performance Hall 2016

Danny Glover came to town for a charity event.  

A few of my fellow autograph hounds and I arrived way too early for the event. However, we get to enjoy a nice 80 degree day in February.  We waited.  We waited even more.  While the conversation among us was good, the wait was still a burden. After a while you doubt yourself.  You expect you missed the celeb. You expect the event was cancelled or the celeb ‘no showed’.  After a while, you want to give up.

And we did give up. We were actually doing our goodbyes and turning to leave when a car drove up and Danny was in it.  We tried to nonchalantly hustle to the door that he was entering.  As he entered the building, one of the guys got his attention.  After a brief pause and some conversation, Danny came out and signed for us.

Within a couple of minutes we were done and leaving…for real this time.


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