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Friday, May 20, 2016

David Arquette Texas Frightmare 2016

I expected the longest line and most time spent waiting in line to be with David Arquette.  While it wasn’t the longest line of the night, it was a nice wait.  Several people in front were getting a lot of items signed. The guy immediately in front of me had a laundry list for various fans that could not attend the show.

As I was waiting, I heard David mention he needed to take a break.  He said just a few more people.  That was not going to include me. I was figuring on a 30 minute break.  However, after the ‘few’ passed, David looked up and saw a child in line behind me.  He recanted and said after he signed for the little one, he’d take a break. That was very nice of him to think of the kids.

David was nice, told me he loved Dallas and that I looked like I just came from work.  I got the impression he thought I was cosplaying in a white shirt and tie. I said I really had driven straight from the office.  I had my laptop in the backpack.  I thanked him and left so the kid could his autograph.


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