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Monday, May 23, 2016

Matthew Lillard Texas Frightmare 2016

This autograph took 2 line attempts.  The first time was just after David Arquette.  I spent about an hour in line and then had to give up as Matthew Lillard left to do photo ops.  I came back later, before he finished his photo op, hoping to get a jump on the line.  I didn’t.  A bunch of people were already there. However, when Matthew did come back, he gave me and others near me 'high fives'. He also told us we’d have a long wait. He didn’t lie.

He spent time with everyone.  He sat on the front of the table.  He’d signed, chatted, and he posed for photos.  It was not a rushed experience.  He laughed and smiled and asked questions.  After he signed for me, he rushed to the back of the line and high fived people and apologized for taking so long. He joked with the people and raised everyone’s energy levels. Then he rushed back to his table.


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