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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Diego Luna – DIFF 2016

Dallas has a few film festivals every year.  Sometimes there are a lot of celebrities that attend and somethings not so many.  Sometimes the names that attend are big and sometimes they are not so exciting.  Sometimes, the name is just a name until you dig a little.

While Diego Luna is widely known in Mexico he is not as well known in the USA.  He has been in several movies you might have seen but not as the star. His name was not as exciting as others but after Googling him, you saw that he was going to be in the movie Rogue One; the next Star Wars movie. While he will not be a star in the next Star Wars movie, just being associated with the franchise will elevate him in the USA.

He was at the Dallas Independent Film Festival (DIFF) for the movie he produced called 'Mr Pig'. I was at DIFF to track down his autograph.   I found a photoshopped image of him that I liked. It's pixelated somewhat but I liked it.  The ‘official’ images from the movie were too dark for my tastes.

When he arrived he had a huge smile and readily agreed to sign. He posed for photos and chatted.

It was an exciting addition to my collection.


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