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Monday, May 2, 2016

Tanya Lemani – Creation Convention - Dallas 2016

I enjoy meeting actors from the original Star Trek series that did not have reoccurring roles. Tanya Lemani was in the episode: The Wolf in the Fold.  She played a possible love interest to Scotty but was murdered.

She was outgoing. When I asked if she had been to Texas before, she shared an anecdote about seeing the NASA astronauts in Houston in the 60's.  She was on a movie junket and someone arranged the tour of NASA. This was when the astronauts were rock stars.  Everyone wanted to know more about them and about the space program and believed the possibilities were endless.

She was given a tour and got to see some exciting things. At the end of the tour, she causally said she would love to return the favor and give a tour of the studio where she was working.  At these things work out, she said it wasn't long before she got a phone call asking if she could make those arrangements. Not really prepared to give a tour, she did bring them on set but she didn’t have to do much.  Everyone at the studio was excited to do what they could make the visitors happy.

I left with a smile meeting one of the people that helped make my childhood interesting.


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