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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Michelle Gomez Fan Expo Dallas 2016

Yes, yet another Dr Who autograph.  Michelle Gomez who is the current incarnation of ‘The Master’ was signing at this Dallas show.

As I stepped up, I welcomed her to Dallas. She was about to say something and then paused. She said that was one of the nicest things she heard that day. Confused, I wanted to know more about that statement.  It seemed contrary to the good time she was having with her fans.

Was my comment a ‘bit Brit’ in nature?  Did no one welcome her to the Great State of Texas before me? Or was this her attempt to make me feel special?

Our exchange was odd.  My manners barely won over my curiosity. I did not ask for more detail.
As she signed, she held up her paint pen, she said it was her favorite as it was Tardis Blue. I smiled.
I thanked her and left but still wondered about her comment.



  1. I am super jealous - she used to just sign her last name, but she started giving her full name after I got her. Yours is much better than mine.

    1. we do tend to be jealous of each other's successes...thanks!