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Friday, June 24, 2016

Peter Capaldi – Fan Expo Dallas 2016

The first time I got I line for Peter Capaldi, he left for a photo op and then a panel. The next time I got in line, they quickened the pace. They had hundreds of fans they were trying to get through before the night was over.

I was happy the pace quickened. It meant a lot less time in line and less time on hard concrete and more time getting other autographs.

I was sad the pace quickened.  It meant I couldn’t say everything I wanted to say. I really enjoy this Doctor. I like his portrayal. I like how they made Clara more interesting this last season and I really like the story line with the Master.  I wanted to tell him all that. I wanted to tell and how I was a fan since 72. And…etc  etc etc.

He quickly shook my hand. He signed. I babbled about how I missed him twice in San Diego last year. He paused. He said thank you for trying again. He shook my hand again.

I left with a warm fuzzy.


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