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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Freema Agyeman – Fan Expo Dallas 2016

Freema Agyeman was actually the first person on my list for this convention. She was a Friday only guest.  Because of photo ops, she was leaving as I was getting in line. When she returned, she was taking time with everyone and really seemed to enjoy herself.  She even asked one fan to come back when the line was gone to continue to the conversation.

The guy in front of me had about 20 items to get signed. He was doing this for various people and he had a lot of different pens and instructions on where to sign on the different posters and prints. While it was a slightly frustrating to wait, Freema was inclusive. She chatted with him and me.
When he was done she said hello again. Somehow we talked about marriage. How long I was married. How I ended up in Dallas and whether or not a long distance romance would work. Then the guy sitting next to her perked up. Apparently that was the romantic interest and they have had lots of conversations about him in LA and her in the UK.
It was nice to see behind the curtain and a reminder we are all just people.

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