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Friday, July 15, 2016

Pat Combs and Wally Moon 2016

Someone on one of the message boards I follow posted an announcement that a small card show would have both Pat Combs (ex Phillie) and Wally Moon in attendance.  However, that person never went to journalism school and did not give the Who, What, Where, and When.  My response to his post and a private message went unanswered. A shame. I would also guess that this guy wonders why his show isn’t growing and he gets no attendance.


A few days before the show, he made an update. I went to the small card show in Plano.  At this show I saw both Pat Combs and Wally Moon. Pat and I chatted about the Phils and his current career.  I was got my autographs and was home before too long. It was a nice way to start a Saturday.


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