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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gini Koch SDCC 2016

Even as I write this, I’m smiling. Gini Koch always does that to me.

We have this fabulously weird relationship where we are both open but barely know each other.  I always mention her because she is truly one of the highlights of whatever show we see each other. 

She wore her iconic pinky cowboy hat. Per the ritual, she asked for a hug. Per the ritual, I begged off because of how sweaty I was. Per the ritual, we hugged anyway.  Then we chatted.  It was a good talk. I took up more of her time than I should have but she is generous that way.

She remembered the name of my blog. How cool is that?  Well, okay, her blog also uses the ‘blah blah blog’ so it’s not a stretch to remember mine but I still count it as a ‘win’.

We need to get her to Dallas for FenCon or ConDFW. Then we can have an extended visit and neither of us will be constrained by time, the crush of people, and sweat.

I bought the latest 3 books in the series. Again, great covers and I love her autographs.

Please check her out.


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