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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

SDCC a day in the life of a SDCC attendee

Well, this is more than just a day in the life. This is what my convention is like.

The timeline gets compressed and some details are omitted.
1) 7/20/16 3:00 PM - Arrive at SDCC for SDCC. Or to repeat that without the acronyms…arrive a San Diego Convention Center for San Diego ComicCon.
Pick up Warners Brothers (WB) Bag and program guide. Those are the bags that my friend Amanda uses to make those awesome dresses each year.
Review Program guide for any hidden nuggets not previously found on social media
Walk around the outside of the SDCC to look over the displays and events that were created to promote various movies, TV show, and video games.
2) 07/20/16 6:00 PM – doors open to expo floor
Wait about 45 minutes in line to enter the doors as 10,000 people were ahead of us
Walk thought the very warm and crowded expo floor
Visit any booth that has a possibility of autographs and try to squeeze out any possible info
3) 07/20/16 8:00 PM – done exploring for the night, seeing old friends, and visiting favorite booths. 
Walk the ½ mile to the bus stop.
Take the 15 minute bus ride to the hotel
Wash up and eat
Plan and pack for the next day
Lights out at 10:00 PM
4) 07/21/16 1:30 AM – get up, shower and wait for shuttle.
Shuttle never came. After an hour of waiting I called Uber and arrived in line at 3:00 AM.
About 1500 people in front of me.
Pretend to sleep on sidewalk.
5) 07/21/16 5:30 AM SDCC security wakes everyone up and tells us we will be entering the building at 6:00 AM
6) 07/21/16 7:15 AM line actually starts to move into the building
Walk through a 1/2 mile of roped off cattle lines on uneven trash filled grass to enter the convention center.
7) 07/21/16 8:00 AM – primary choice at WB is no longer available.
8) 07/21/16 8:30 AM – stand in Fox line
9) 07/21/16 9:00 AM - join the wife in the main exhibit hall line
10) 7/21/16 9:45 AM – get on the expo floor
11) 7/21/16 10 AM – swim upstream through crowds in an attempt to try to win a ‘when the doors open’ raffle at a particular booth
12) 7/21/16 10:15 AM Do convention stuff all day. 
13) Convention stuff is:
Participating on the ‘sails pavilion’ raffles. These are usually the leftovers ones that no one else wanted
Replanning of the day based on success and failures of the morning
Following up and getting other autographs (paid autographs or authors)
Revisiting booths and getting more detail on possible autographs for this day or the next day (Do I need to buy something? Do I need a line ticket? When to line up? Where to line up?)
Revisiting booths (not WB or Fox) and trying to pull a winning ticket for autographs (massive lines on the expo floor make this a slow and time intensive exercise)
More replanning of the day
Trying to squeeze into or talk my way into a standby line for autographs
Networking with fans
Visit booth for swag (very little success this year)
More replanning
14) 07/21/16 6:00 PM leave convention for day
Walk the ½ mile to the bus stop.
Take the 15 minute bus ride to the hotel
Wash up and eat
Plan and pack for the next day
Lights out at 6:45 PM
15) 07/21/16 8:30 PM - get up and wait for shuttle.
Get in line at 9:00 PM and try to sleep on the sidewalk/grass until 1:00 AM. 
Maybe 1000 people in line already.
16) 07/22/16 1:00 AM – friend swaps places with me in line and I go back to hotel for 3 hours of sleep.
17) 07/22/16 4:30 AM – get up, shower, pack, wait for shuttle
18) 07/22/16 5:30 AM – back in line
19) Wash, rinse, and repeat for the rest of the convention
Each night the lines to enter the convention center were much longer than the night before.

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