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Monday, August 22, 2016

iZombie Cast signing SDCC 2016

I was able to pull a winning ticket for iZombie. It’s another show I really enjoy.  For me, it has a Veronica Mars vibe to it. Since Rob Thomas was also the creator of Veronica Mars, that makes sense.    

This was a large signing, 5 cast members ad 2 creators. As normal at the WB booth it is frantic but enjoyable. Everyone was nice. 

While Rose McIver is gorgeous, Aly Michalka steals my heart. As I was telling her that, Rob Thomas leaned over and told me that Aly was going to be a regular next season and I would get to see so much more of her.  Heavy sigh…



  1. That's really cool, one of the few shows I can say both Daisy and I enjoy equally.

    1. I bet Karen would like it too. If she had time to watch. one day...