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Monday, August 15, 2016

Misc artists SDCC 2016

The Marvel artist signature cards came from the Marvel booth.  Thursday we were able to get down to the booth early enough to actually participate in the Luke Cage drawing. We were losers. However, each losing raffle ticket is actually a signature card from one of the artists that work at Marvel Comics. One card is from Kris Anka and the other is David F Walker.

The next image is from a man that stopped me as I was walking down one of the lesser travelled aisles.  I was using it to avoid some foot traffic when I heard ‘Bear Down!’  I turned and smiled and asked the obligatory question: You went there? We chatted about UofA football and basketball.  If you know me, my knowledge of UofA sports lasts about 2 seconds. As I was turning to leave, he handed me a postcard with his signature.  So I now have Scott Hattox’s graph.


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