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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

American Gods SDCC 2016

Starz had a booth for American Gods at SDCC. Like the previous years, you had to really invest some time to get a winning autograph ticket.  The booth was an ‘experience’.  You slowly waited for your turn to pull a winning ticket and then you were sent into the booth to stand by a white buffalo and get your photo taken.

All well and good.  I do not mean that with any sarcasm. It is a good.  It’s a fun way to generate some interest and do something cool. While you might have lost on the autograph ticket, you could receive a shot glass, or IPhone cover, or t-shirt or etc.  All pretty nice swag. However, being an autograph collector, nothing satisfies except for the autograph ticket.

The booth isn’t large.  The line to do the ‘experience’ will wrap around the booth in an instant and be capped.  Meaning, you can’t get in line.  A standby line along a wall was created and hopefully that line doesn’t get capped too. If you are lucky, you might spend 30 minutes waiting in line. Then try for the winning ticket and get back in line.

Now remember, we are at ComicCon. Nothing is easy, nothing is quick, and nothing is guaranteed.  You are in a constant mode of do I invest time ‘here’ or do I invest time ‘there’.  Is the risk/reward worth the time spent?

Preview night my buddies and I attempted the booth. We excitedly took our chances and failed.  We may have even tried again. I got a couple of nice key chains. Thursday I tried once more and then I gave up.  However, one buddy actually won.  Now, ego gets involved.  So I tried again and had no luck.  Then something magical happened and I had a winning ticket. That was pretty exciting.

Friday was the signing.  As I waited for the signing to begin, the cast walked past.  The movie has a large cast and 5 actors were signing along with 3 crew members:  PabloSchreiber, Bryan Fuller, Michael Green, Bruce Langley, Yetide Badaki, DavidSlade, Ricky Whittle, and Ian McShane.

It was very well worth the effort for this signers.



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