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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Space Command – Cast Signing SDCC 2016

ComicCon is full of surprises. It’s so big you never know what is happening everywhere.  You turn a corner minding your own business and voila! A signing is in progress.
I had just finished getting my American Gods poster signed and I was trying to find a place where the ‘killed over ant hill’ called SDCC wasn’t as crazy.  I had walked down a few aisles and found a little eddy some semi-sanity and rolled up my poster and slid it into my poster tube. 

As I was walking back to the American Gods booth to see if I could connect with my buddies, I walked past the Space Command booth. Space Command is a crowd funded movie.  It had an impressive list of fandom actors that you all know. It’s a movie I’m sure I’ll enjoy once it’s available.
I knew the movie was doing several things at and around SDCC this year. It just wasn’t on my list to do.  However, it seems that I was on its list.  The booth was doing a signing (sans line) and a barker was in the aisle wrangling people to get in line. I got in line. Everyone was very friendly.  The only person I recognized was Doug Jones.  Who, if you know, is a hugger.  I got hugged.
If you recognize any of the signatures, let me know. I tried finding some info about who was there without any luck.

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