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Friday, October 21, 2016

Matt Smith Wizard World Austin 2016

It has been frustrating to see Matt Smith listed all over the country and never at a Texas show. When I saw him announced in Austin, I had to go.

I was worried about Wizard World (WW) overselling tickets and not being able to get through the line in time before Matt had to leave.  Since a drive to Austin ranges from 3 hours to 8 hours on any given day, I drove down the night before.

At the crack of dawn I got up and waited for WW to open their doors. Once inside, I found out that people like me, non-VIP badge holders, aka ‘steerage’, weren’t going to queue up until 2PM.  Okay, now I know. I had some time to kill.

When it was time for the great unwashed to get in line, I must admit the line moved fairly fast. Matt was very friendly and tried to chat with everyone. He accepted gifts from fans and told them he would look at it after he was done.

I found a photo I liked online. While I didn’t want the photo personalized, I did want the quote added. Again, I was surprised they were allowing personalization. Often, with a big name guest, the lines are too long and the signing is an assembly line of ‘just the signature’.

Matt took my photo and read the quote. He smiled. I mentioned I thought the photo was apropos as he was in Texas. Before he stared signing he told me he remembered that day the photo was shot. It was a good day. 

As I walked away with his autograph, it was a good day for me too.


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