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Friday, October 28, 2016

Tori Spelling Dallas Fan Day 2016

Tori Spelling was at Dallas Fan Days. I'm enjoying that more guests are not necessarily genre guests. With the amount of conventions within driving distance, the same guests are ‘everywhere’.  Getting a more mainstream name that is new to the circuit is exciting to me.

Tori was very friendly. The guy in front of me asked her to add a quote to the photo she was signing. She didn’t remember anything from the movie. She paused and went to her phone and searched the internet.  Afterward, she did a table photo with the man.  He was dressed as Superman.  After the photo was done, she noticed lipstick on his check.  She asked about that. He said it was from Lois Lane.  She laughed and had him lean in and she added her lipstick next to Lois’.

She apologized to me for making me wait. I didn’t mind as this was entertaining.  I asked if she been to Dallas before and she said ‘a lot’. Her dad (Aaron Spelling – what TV series did he not produce in the 70’s?) grew up in Dallas.

I took my photo and left.


PS – she had one of her kids with her. He was walking around behind the table and being well behaved.  For some reason, he was one the floor.  Ian Ziering, whose table was next to Tori’s, saw the kid on the floor. He dove to the floor. Hidden from view, I heard some giggling. I’m assuming Ian was tickling or fake wrestling with the little one.   Just a neat observation.


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