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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Millie Bobby Brown Dallas Fan Day 2016

While only 8 episodes, Stranger Things has become a sensation.  The child stars are appearing at lots of conventions across the country.  Dallas Fan Days brought in Millie Bobby Brown.

It’s odd to get an autograph from a child. The personality of the person and the signature will change as they grow up. Because the show is so popular it’s also hard to refrain from getting the actors when they come into town. We all know I have an autograph addiction so I stood in line, paid my money, and picked up my autograph.

Millie was quiet. Her hair has grown yet still short. She seemed more relaxed as fellow kids came to her. Understandably, she was subdued with adults. We exchanged a few words (‘Hi, thanks for coming to Dallas.’, ‘It’s nice to be here. Thanks for having me.’)

Then I went my way.


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