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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Matthew Lewis Dallas Fan Day 2016

While not a Potter Head, I did enjoy the movies and the books. I must thank the dear wife for that. She had the books lying around and I picked them up to read.

As the actors from the series slowly make their way to Dallas and the convention circuit, I have been getting their autographs.  Matthew Lewis was the latest.

I hadn’t printed off a photo for him to sign. I was limited to what he offered at his table.  At the time, his table selection was this one photo. While some fans were disappointed, I liked it. It’s a question how you look at things. For me, it’s the young man that the character grew into and not the picked upon young nerd.

When he was signing, I mentioned the weather was great for his visit. He looked up and said EVERYBODY was saying how cool it was. He said he was dying from and the heat and humidity. Well, he’s British: Stiff upper lip and all that. So he didn’t say he was ‘dying’. It was more proper and stoic. Like: I find the weather warmer than suggested by the people I’m meeting.  It is somewhat humid, isn’t?

The temperature was mid 80’s and what we think of as normal humidity. While it was nice and outdoor friendly for Dallas, it was not so much fun for the visitors from the UK. It’s all perceptive.


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