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Monday, November 28, 2016

Charlie Cox Holding Court at ACCC 2016

No surprise that Charlie Cox had a nice long line. I told he was very classy and very friendly.  That was the truth.  He did not rush his fans and he was relaxed as he chatted with everyone.

The group of three in front of me wanted nothing more than to say hi and possibly shake his hand.  The handlers had no problem with that. Obviously it is a common occurrence and they know that Charlie allows that.

While actors enjoy meeting their fans, they are there to make money. Hanging out with the crowd is fun but it doesn’t pay the bills or build a nest egg for after the TV show is long gone.  I have seen the ‘I just want to say hi’ crowd turned away.  I have seen them allowed but only given a brief moment and then rushed off.

Charlie didn’t seem to care who was in front of him.  The 3 people in front of me stepped to the table and he leaned forward and they shook hands and chatted and then after a moment they started talking about baseball.  Charlie didn’t impatiently look for something they brought to sign. He didn’t abruptly dismiss them. It was very nice to see.  Those three people left with HUGE smiles on their faces.


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