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Friday, November 25, 2016

Kristy Swanson – the better Buffy ACCC2016

Okay, I’ll admit that title was inflammatory. I liked the Buffy movie. In fact, I liked it so much, when I watched the first episode of the Buffy TV series back in 1997 I was disappointed. It wasn’t until many years later that I watched the TV series and was able to get past the difference from the movie.

Kristy Swanson was another celeb I had been meaning to add to my collection for years.  Now was the time. She was friendly, patient, and prepared.  Alamo City was not her first rodeo.

Her table had a short but constant line.  Mostly a line of fanboys lacking social skills.  She patiently chatted with them.  She gracefully guided them through the process. Her selection of photos was nice. She had DVDs and posters for sale.  She had a nice selection of sharpies and paint pens.  She instantly knew which color worked on which photo.  She was ready with a quote.

I, of course, mentioned initially liking the movie and not liking the series.  I mentioned how I liked Paul Reubens getting a change to break out of Pee Wee role image and past other issues.  She mentioned how much fun it was to work with him.

She gracefully handed over my photo that was signed in a bright gold and I happily left onto other conquests.


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