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Monday, November 21, 2016

Evanna Lynch Wizard World Tulsa 2016

This was the second time I had traveled to Tulsa, OK. The first time I got lost because of a detour that didn’t have the signage to get me back on the Intestate.  Yes, you can scuff and say I missed the sign pointing the way.  Shouldn’t there be multiple signs in case you miss one?   So I was slightly paranoid about traveling that way again.  This time the only issue I faced was paying the tolls and whether my Dallas ‘toll tag’ would work up North.

After I got to the convention center I walked around and found where the celebrities were signing. This was a typical Wizard World layout. I have been to a few of their shows and I knew what I was doing.

There were only two autographs I wanted.  Yes, that was a long drive to feed the autograph addiction. As you make plans and commit to attending a show, you hope some additional names are added to make a 4 hour drive worth.  One of the additions was Evanna Lynch.

I got to her just before she broke for lunch. She was very pretty in person and had a charming shy smile.  She was willing to talk.  She mentioned she had a school friend that lived in Tulsa and hoped to get some time with her. Knowing that I was the last one before her break, I didn’t take up more of her time. I thanked her and moved on.


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