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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sebastian Stan – sorry I didn’t get you a present

The main reason I drove up to Tulsa and risked getting lost was Sebastian Stan. Because I was unorganized a few months earlier, I lost track of time and failed to get him when he was in Austin, TX.  That would have been more convenient as I was already there for Matt Smith. However, that is the past.

A tradition that I’m seeing more and more, (outside of Dallas) is fans bringing gifts for the celebs. I find that funny as I’m giving them a nice gift when I pay for an autograph. Some people are gifting the celeb a second time when they do the photo ops. These non-monetary gifts are mostly coming from very young fan girls. 

The presents are in gift bags or small wrapped boxes.  The girls are usually in pairs and nervously chat while in line about what they want to say and their hopes of getting a hug or kiss. They suspiciously eye their competition as they see other offerings handed over. Comments about the wrapping or the girl are quickly exchanged.

I watched several girls hand over their gifts. Sebastian graciously accepted. Took a moment to look at gift bag or wrapping. Make a short comment. Nod as he said thank you. Then the girl would open her arms and lean forward in the universal signal: reward me with a hug.  The handler would very quickly (dare I say lying in wait) swing an arm toward Sebastian to prevent him from standing and returning the requested hug.  She would make a short comment about trying to keep the line moving. The young one would walk away with a case of ‘failed smile’.  Forgive me for finding this amusing.  

The 3 pairs of girls in front of me all delivered presents.  Then there was me, the little drummer boy, the fan without a gift.  As I walked up and handed over my 8x10, I quietly apologized for not having a gift.  I told him I didn’t know I was supposed to bring something.  He laughed.  Then he stuck out his hand and we shook. 

Yes, you read that right.  Gifts didn’t get a hug but a semi-funny comment got a hand shake.


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