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Thursday, February 2, 2017

David Gerrold Marvelous Nerd Years ComicCon 2016

Yes, I’m a nerd.  The main guest at the Marvelous Nerd Years ComicCon I wanted to see was David Gerrold. He wrote one of most icon Star Trek episodes, The Trouble with Tribbles. I have also enjoyed a few of his books over the years. 

I got his autograph once before at a WorldCon.  I figured I would ask if he could sign the other books I have by him.

He looked up as I walked to his table. I unslung my backpack and told him I was happy he was at the show.  We shook hands and I asked if he would sign a few books I had. I also followed up and asked if 3 books would be too many.  He actually smiled and thanked me for asking first.  I guess he has been hit with people bringing stacks of books.

So we chatted as he signed. I made a small donation to a charity he was collecting for. We talked about Starlog magazine and that I used to read his column he wrote for them.  He looked up. So I followed up with a Solomon Short quote I had read in that column decades ago: never trust a grapefruit. After admitting I never understood that, he laughed and said never did either.

It was a good encounter.


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