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Friday, February 3, 2017

Jason Alexander – We share a passion

Jason Alexander was performing at the Morton Myerson Symphony Center. This piqued the interested of every Seinfeld fan in the Metroplex. My interested stirred because of poker.

Jason is a poker player. I’ve seen him a few times on TV at the World Series of Poker. That is a tournament that I hope to play one day.  We have a comment interest and I found a photo of him at the poker table.

When Jason came out we were in a line.  The people at the building had us organized.  Jason walked down the line of autograph hunters and chatted with people as he signed.  He told me this was one of his great passions as he signed my photo. I mentioned that I hope to see him there one day. And he replied with a quick, ’I hope to make some money there one day.’

Then I moved out of the way and he continued signing.


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