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Monday, February 6, 2017

Ranger Winter caravan Frisco Andrus and Griffin 2017

Since this Texas Ranger’s Caravan stop was in Frisco, it was easier to get in line at 7AM. However, that is a long time to be in line for a signing that started at noon.  It was about 35 degrees. I dressed warm and had gloves.  I brought a collapsible stool to use. As I was checking Facebook and emails, my phone died.  I later found out that iPhones don’t like the cold either.

I also decided the more annoying a voice a person has, the more incessantly they talk. They tend to talk loudly and in a way that is not drowned out by traffic or other conversations.  I might just be cranky but I think this a new law of physics I discovered.

At 10:30-ish, we got to enter the minor league park and pick out a ticket for autographs.  In the past I worked the line a few times to try to get all of the players that show up to this event. This day I only wanted Elvis Andrus. As it happens, the annoying voice also wanted Elvis and was in same line as me, albeit about 10 people further from me.

By 11 AM it had warmed enough to allow my phone to work. I even took off my gloves and unzipped my jacket. I could focus on something other than annoying voice. Think about that for a moment. From 7 to 11 – that was 4 hours of talking.

The signing stared at noonish and I was done by 12:30 PM.  At Elvis’ table was AJ Griffin so I got this autograph too. Both players were nice and it was painless, except for the cold. And the phone not working. And the new law of physics I discovered.


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