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Monday, March 6, 2017

Tanked – Allen Home and Garden show 2017

Brett Raymer and Wayde King from Tanked appeared at the Allen Event Center. A fellow hound clued me into this event. This wasn’t a signing but an appearance.  They had set up some tables and were meeting fans, giving advice, and selling merchandise.  They also did an hour long panel where Brett did 90% of the talking and Wayde threw in some comedic zingers.  The panel was very funny and I didn’t mind listening.

After the panel, the two greeted fans and made their way back to the table.  They had a line of happy fans buying shirts and caps.  I wandered around to let the crowd thin. After 20 minutes, I wandered back and saw Wayde.  I showed him my photo and asked if he’s signed.  He said, sure and I handed him my sharpie and photo.  Then he yelled at Brett to get on over and sign.  He was bossy but it was in character.

They were both very nice and fan friendly.


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