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Monday, March 13, 2017

TV and movies Golden Age for Nerds

This is the Golden Age for Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy.  Think about that for a moment.  Take your hands off the mouse; take a deep breath; and close your eyes. Think about what you are watching. Think about the popularity of some shows.

That’s right, I’m asking you to stop and smell the roses.

This is the most prolific time these genres have ever seen. It is a time of sensory overload. Your DVR is overflowing with options.  You actually need to pick and choose what you will and won’t watch.  You can’t watch it all.

There has never been a time with so many movies and TV shows and conventions than now.  Viewers can build cliques and fan groups instantly and constantly stay in touch. They can delve into the minutiae of a show with a few clicks of a mouse.  Fans have access to the celebrities through conventions and social media.

Stars Wars has ramped up and is releasing a movie a year for the next 3 years.  Star Trek is returning to TV after a long hiatus. Marvel had released multiple movies a year (an amazing 14 movies so far and 9 more scheduled) and they are all over Netflix. DC is still trying to make a decent movie but owns the CW network on TV. My God, even MTV has 2 genre shows.

Over the last decade, some of the top TV shows have been True Blood, Walking Dead, and The Game of Thrones. Everyone is watching them and they have crossed over to the main stream population. The largest grossing movies in the last 10 years were Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Avengers.

To top it all off, we are being given quality. Don’t confuse the ‘cost to make’ with value or worth.  It’s very possible to make an obscenely expensive ‘B’ movie. Today, the genres have some real craftmasters and it is showing.

While you smell those roses, don’t become complacent or spoiled. The young ones don’t even know the dark ages.  While the 70’s produced Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it also produced Laserblast and Saturn 3.  Other than Kolchak: The Night Stalker, was there any good sci fi on TV doing the 70’s?  I remember Logan’s Run, Holmes and Yo-Yo, Quark, UFO, and Space 1999. I watched them all as I had no choice.

The 80’s relaunched Star Trek.  The quality was very uneven but again, we were desperate and we ardently watched. If those shows aired today, would they last a season? The shining light in the darkness of V, Alf, Knight Rider, and Mork and Mindy was Quantum Leap, Alien Nation, and War of the Worlds.

X-Files created a sensation in the 90’s which caused the rival networks to scramble to catch up.  Those attempts had a lot of misses like Babylon 5, Total Recall 2070, and Sea Quest DSV.  Yet Stargate SG-1, and Farscape carved niches and hung on.

Enjoy the now.  Whether it lasts a decade or only a few years, enjoy it. Just know it won’t last. Remember, people thought Oaters would be around forever. Soon, we could be forced to watch remakes of My Favorite Martian and Lost in Space as nothing else is on. Oh, the pain…the pain…


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