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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Milo Ventimiglia Dallas Fan Expo 2017

Slowly, I’m making some progress on the cast of Heroes. I really enjoyed the show. The show was hard to watch at times but it was entertaining. Fan Expo brought in Milo Ventimiglia, who played Peter.  

This was another slow line as Milo spent time with each fan. He was very big on taking selfies with his fans. He would do one ‘nice’ one and then a silly photo with each person. I watched as a boyfriend tried to be respectful and stay out of the shot as the girl was crushing on Milo.  Milo took the photo and then swung her around so the next photo included the boyfriend. I was impressed Milo was aware of the situation and took the time to be inclusive. Classy.

Milo was in a time crunch as he had a hard break for signing. He had to catch his plane. He started to speed the process but he was still making eye contact and smiling and chatting. The line just was moving faster.

I told how much I enjoyed Heroes. Then I mentioned I saw him a movie that I couldn’t recall the name. I only said it was post nuclear and he was underground and he instantly told me the name, The Divide. He had a big smile as he asked if I liked it. I said it was odd and interesting and it definitely left an impression.

Then I hurried off so he could chat with another.


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