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Monday, May 1, 2017

Max Gail – Remember that time you got hypnotize…Chiller Theater April 2017

I had to fly back to Jersey to do some chores for Dad.  It was a quick trip. The weather in Dallas and Jersey didn’t help any and made the trip even shorter.  I did a good job on Saturday and Dad gave me some time off.

Hmmm, what does an autograph hound do when he has some free time….?  He finds a show with autographs. Yes, this is another example of my addiction and The Wife’s saintly patience. I drove 1 ½ hours to North Jersey for Chiller Theater.  I knew about this show in advance and while I hoped to attend I didn’t think I would get much time there.  To be truthful, I didn’t spend much time there. I think I was there less time than it took to drive up there.

Knowing that I had a small window of opportunity and Chiller Theater is a big show, my list of ‘wants’ was small.  I got to the show about 4:30 PM.  Luckily most of the crowd was gone.  As I picked up my wristband and entered the show, I saw Max Gail on my right. He was the very top person on my list.

Max was finishing up with a guy as I walked up. He leaned over and quickly put a fork of something into his mouth.  I asked if he wanted me to come back after he ate.  He said he had been trying to eat for an hour. It was not an issue.

I picked a photo and handed it over.  He signed.  I told him my favorite Wojo scene was the one where he was hypnotized.  He had a clueless look on his face. And why wouldn’t he? The show has been off the air for decades. Knowing that he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, I gave a brief recap just so he didn’t think I was crazy. He still didn’t know what I was talking about.

Oh well, I left and gave him a chance to finish his lunch...dinner he had been working on.


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