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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Jan Michael Vincent Chiller Theater April 2017

The very second guy on my short 'want list' at Chiller Theater was Jan Michael Vincent. As a kid, I watched him on Banana Splits. He was in Bite the Bullet, one of my favorite westerns.  He was in Damnation Alley, where I learned that movies based on books may not have anything in common with the book other than the title. I have always liked him and I have wanted his autograph for a long time.

The signature is bad. He stopped and then was about to throw the photo away but his handler (wife?) stopped him and they had a short and spirited exchange. Afterward he tried to save the signature.

I wanted to share a few things with him about enjoying his movies but it was not time or place.  He was tired. He looked frail. The background noise was overpowering and he was having an issue hearing.

After me, they packed up his table. He was done for the day.


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