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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tom Berenger – Chiller Theater April 2017

Because I didn’t think I would have much time at Chiller Theater and I expected long lines, I only had 3 people on my ‘want’ list. If I got those 3, I would be a happy hound. The third person on my list was TomBerenger. Major League is an automatic stop down and I have to watch.

I did have a short wait for Tom. He was active and stood in front of the table most of the time. He posed for photos and chatted.  To me, he is most notable for Major League but many people associate him with Platoon. He was signing a lot of stuff for Platoon.

When I saw this photo on his table, I knew it was the photo for me. As I started to ask for the quote, he finished it for me.  He knew where I was going.

I turned away from the table and realized I accomplished everything on my wish list. A good feeling. Yet…there was still some time before the show closed.  I decided to explore Chiller Theater a little more.


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