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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dale Raoul – Chiller Theater April 2017

So after I got my top 3 wants from the show, I could have made the 90 minute drive back home. I could have driven the whole way in daylight. I could have made a quick stop in Princeton and saw the University, Albert Einstein’s house, or visited the battle field memorials (that’s the Revolutionary War, you Johnny Rebel scum). I could have dropped by mom and dad’s to see if they had any more chores for me.

Nope, I did what any autograph addict would do, I whipped out my secondary lists of wants.

Chiller Theater is in a hotel.  Many of the signings are in small conference rooms. They might have 3 to 6 celebrities in the room seated at tables.  While outside the room is some signage about who is in the room, it is kind of fun to just pop in and see what is what.

The first room I checked out had Dale Raoul.  She was in True Blood and Under the Dome.  As she signed, she asked if I was going to watch the new Charlaine Harris show called Midnight, Texas. I told her I was planning on it.  I also shared how The Wife and I sat at the first panel True Blood had at SDCC.  That was before the show aired on HBO, before the panel was in Ballroom 20,  and before anyone heard of the books.

Then I was off to the next room.



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