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Monday, May 22, 2017

Karen Allen Heavy Sigh USA Film Festival 2017

I rarely get multiple or duplicate autographs from a celebrity. I’ll do it for authors but somehow that is different in my mind.

Karen Allen was also in town for the USA Film Festival and I just could not pass up the opportunity to get another autograph. I found a photo on-line and printed it.  On Friday night, as she was leaving the theater, we asked for an autograph. She stopped and genuinely asked: From me? I was able to get her to sign and then she gave me that heart melting smile I knew so well from Starman and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

On Saturday a fellow hound had a couple of photos he needed signed from Karen and asked if I could help. He gave me 2 photos to get signed.  I did not hesitate before saying yes.  I knew it would give me another opportunity to look her into the eyes and she receive that incredible smile.  She was just walking by herself back to the theater when she stopped for us and signed. No handler, no entourage.

After signing she just wandered in the theater.  She is very down to earth and friendly.


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