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Friday, May 19, 2017

Mary Lynn Rajskub USA Film Festival 2017

Everyone tells me how nice Mary Lynn Rajskub is. They tell me how easy it is to get her autograph. However, it’s not so easy to pronounce her last name.

She was attending the USA Film Festival and I missed Mary Lynn as she entered the theater. An hour later she was leaving to get something to eat. Not the best time to ask. I was the only one in my group that didn’t already have her. So I rushed over. She was ahead of me but I was NOT going to run up and tap her on the shoulder. So I’m trying remembering how to say ‘Rajskub’. I could not form the name in my mouth. I was damn sure not going to shout ‘Chloe!’

I stopped in my attempt and was slowly heading back to the group. Sheepishly, I was going to have to admit I failed because I could not pronounce her name. Then she stopped and turned back toward me. She was surprised to see a hound standing there looking lost.

I lifted my photo and asked if she had time to sign for me.  She smiled and said sure. She looked at the print and said something like: That photo.

I said: if you don’t want to sign this, I can track down something else. 

She smiled and said: No. The photo is 20 years old!

She signed and I thanked her.  I still think she looks like the image in the photo. And I never had to butcher her last name.



  1. Lucky. Haven't had a chance to meet her yet...-b

  2. Maybe next time she is in town...