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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nancy Cartwright USA Film Festival 2017

Nancy Cartwright was in town to screen her movie, In Search of Fellini. 

I will say Nancy Cartwright made us earn this autograph. She previously turned us down 3 times. On the fourth request, she relented as one of the guys pleaded that he had to leave and could not stay until after the movie.  She signed for the 5 of us.

She asked my name. She personalized my photo and said: ugh, read hair.

After the screening of her movie and the Q&A, she signed for her audience. I’m sure that was the plan and fans of her would have bought a ticket and attended the signing. I would have done that too if I knew about that plan. I heard the movie was actually quite good and it starred Ksenia Solo who I adore.

I want to add a few comments about the ‘earning’ the autograph. I don't believe any celeb is required to give an autograph or stop for a photo. Many people believe it is part of the job description. While not all, some of my fellow hounds feel they are entitled to an autograph. I understand their feelings. It doesn't take much time to sign something and it doesn't really cost the actor anything.
While I want the autograph to add to my collection and I’m disappointed when I fail, I don’t think I must be given on demand. Part of the hunt is failure. Otherwise if would not be a hunt. Failures make the successes meaningful.


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