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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Anthony Mackie ComicPalooza 2017

I left Dallas very very early to get to Houston early enough to make sure I had enough time to wait in some long lines for the autographs I wanted.  The first line I choose was Anthony Mackie.

There was a mom and son in front of me. The kid was 18 yrs old or so.  Mom started bragging on the kid (as moms will do) and Anthony just said quietly, I want to hear him tell me.  Mom shut up.   Then the kid told Anthony about going to college and studying engineering.  After a few more sentences, mom just said she was so proud of her son. He had brain surgery and overcame so much to be where he was.  That got everyone one’s attention.  Anthony again spoke to the kid and it was more personal, which I won’t share but it was very nice.


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