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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mike Colter ComicPalooza 2017

What I should remember about Mike Colter is his laugh and smile. I should remember the couple in front of me that brought a 6 foot long banner to get signed.  It was white and plastic and had a very large red Marvel logo in the center. It gave a good surface to get signed and something that would not rip or crimp. The large white border had lots and lots room for hundreds of autographs. It will look awesome as more and more signatures are added in the coming years.

What I remember most are the 3 women behind me. They had a running commentary about his looks and what he would be like in bed and how they wanted to use and abuse him. What made it worse was their comments were said so that Mike had to hear it.  This meant that lots of people were hearing some graphic dialogue. As a professional, Mike ignored most of the comments

I didn’t say much to Mike when I handed over my photo. I figured the sooner I was done, the sooner those females would be out of the line.


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