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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Parlez-vous Français Pom? ComicPalooza 2017

I took 2 years of High School French.  I needed 4 semesters of a foreign language in college. I choose French. I thought  it would be easier than starting on a new language. I’m not sure that was the correct decision. In college, we blew through my 2 years of high school French in 2 weeks.  After that I was lost and I struggled. Now, I retain enough skill to get my face slapped.  I might be able to ask for a lawyer if the police take me away. On the rare occasions that I speak French, it’s more of a Parlor Trick. Just like when I sing part of the Korean National Anthem or recite the value of Pi to the 14th digit.

So it was not in my comfort zone when I stood in front of Pom Klementief and said ‘Bon Jour!’ with the energy and infliction of Ms Wells my High School teacher. She smiled. The handler was confused. I heard  ‘Bon Jour’ back from her and then the words I love to hear: Ça va?

Why did I like that? Because it’s on script. She could have asked a million questions and I would have been lost. She simply asked ‘how’s it going’. I can answer that. I did. We exchanged a few more pleasantries en français. I’ll admit I got stuck but she translated to English for me.

The funny part was when I said I came from Dallas. I tried to put a French accent onto ‘Dallas’. It sounded like: Dalloss. I laughed as I heard it.  I repeated ‘Dallas’ like I normally do with my Texas/New Jersey accent. I bid my adieu and I left without too much flop sweat.


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