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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Michael Pare and the CIA

In 1984, I was still in college. It was before the internet as you know it. It was the dawn of personal computers. The 3.5 floppy was born.  Dell and Cisco was founded. MS-DOS 3.0 was released.

The point of this walk through the cobwebs? The buzz around movies coming out was very limited and sometimes misleading. My friends and I thought Streets of Fire was a sequel to The Warriors. While disappointed it wasn’t a sequel, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Michael Pare, the star of 'Streets' was at Frightmare. He was very engaging and took over the whole process. At the last minute, another of my autograph buddies gave me a sound track cover from the movie.  How could I pass on that?

Once I handed over the album cover to sign, he stood and told we were taking a photo. Another friend took the photo of us.  As we posed, he never stopped talking. I mentioned the enjoying Streets and went to see it because of Walter Hill and Warriors. Then he took the conversation from Hill to Warriors to Michael Beck and said the two of them did a TV series called Houston Knights.

It was a great experience.

Later that night, I was hanging out with other friends. I waited with them as they went through Michael’s line.  That friend brought up cooking. Michael Pare had attended the CIA (Culinary Institute of America - did you think I meant that other CIA?). They talked restaurants, cooking, and how any ways to prepare an egg. 

Again a great experience.


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